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Welcome to my portfolio.
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Hello and welcome to my portfolio. On this website I will keep track of my studyprogress. I am a Bachelor student at the Philosophy department of the University of Utrecht. I study Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (CAI, or CKI in Dutch). If you would like to know more about CKI, please take a look at the official CKI website (in Dutch). On this website you can find all papers, documents and programmes I have been involved in, or that I have made.
In the Other section you can find material related to my interests, but not directly to my study. You can also find some personal information about me and how I came to studying CKI in Utrecht. And I will keep a list of science-related weblinks which I find interesting, in the conveniently named Links section.

Large parts of this website will be in Dutch as the bachelor programme is presented in Dutch. Most papers and documents are also in Dutch.

Formal Information
Coert van Gemeren
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E-mail Address
coert.vangemeren [a] phil.uu.nl
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Date of birth
17 July 1979
Menno Lievers

The papers on Game Theory for Evolution & Ethics of 6 december can be found here.

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